Green Technology

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Green Technology

Green Technology is a complex field that aims to reduce the impact of our buildings on the local and global environments, on our health, and to improve life for future generations.

There are many ways that green technology is applied to plumbling such as:
  • High Efficiency Condensing Water Heaters
  • Rain Water Catchment & Disbursement Systems
  • "Ecopower" Self-Generating Sensor Fausets
  • Waterless Urinal & Tankless Water Heaters
  • Gray Water Systems & Drainage For Living Roofs
A recent project, the Branson High School Commons Building, is the first LEED Platinum rated building for a school since 2007. The building has implemented the use of HET Toilets, waterless urinals, and self powering faucets, which generate power from a water propelled turbine that recharges rechargeable batteries that power the sensor fausets.

We at City Front Plumbing are trained in and practice Green Technology, and we are happy to offer advice and services to our customers.